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On the latest episode of Pick and Pod, Joey Dayon and Pete Houdek discuss their takeaways from the early stages of the NBA Playoffs.

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On the latest episode of Pick and Pod, Knicks beat reporter Vinny DeBellis, Jimmy Sullivan and Pete Houdek discussed Spencer Dinwiddie's contract extension and the recent play of the Knicks, Bulls and Raptors.

Check it out!

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On this edition of Pick and Pod, Knicks beat reporter Vinny Debellis, Nets beat reporter Chris Calamari, and Emmanuel Berbari sat down to discuss the hot button issues in the NBA.

They started the show by talking about Lakers and the big Lakers/Rockets brawl on Saturday night.

They rounded out the show with segments highlighting the first week performances of the Knicks and Nets.

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Both the Knicks and the Nets begin their season tonight, so our NBA beat reporters broke down their predictions for the season. Knicks beat reporters Reed Horner and Charlie Maisano and Nets beat reporters Billy Reinhardt and Dominic Capone sat down to discuss the outlook for both teams in 2018-2019. 

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The NBA is back and so is WFUV Sports' exclusive basketball podcast, Pick and Pod! Knicks beat reporters Reed Horner and Charlie Maisano and Nets beat reporters Billy Reinhardt and Dominic Capone sat down to discuss everything you need to know ahead of tip-off tonight. 

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Mir Ghouri, Kristian Nokaj, and Pete Houdek discuss each playoff matchup as well as the following round of the NBA semi conference round

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Mir Ghouri, Manny Adeyeye, Kristen Nokaj, and Pete Houdek react to the past week's games and their thoughts on the rest of round one

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Mir Ghouri, Manny Adeyeye, and Dominic Capone discuss David Fizdale's firing, Lonzo Ball's development, and their "team I like and don't like" segment! 


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This week on Pick and Pod, Mir Ghouri, Alvin Halimwidjaya, and Emmanuel Berbari discussed the Knicks early success, Kevin Durant's exclusive interview this week, and the Celtics win over the Warriors last night. 

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Join Mir Ghouri, Emmanuel Berbari, Kristian Nokaj and Jackson Heil as they discuss all things NBA. 

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Are the Cavs going down?

Are the Hornets for real?

Outlook on Knicks and Nets going forward!

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WFUV's Pick and Pod is back!!! Mir Ghouri, Knicks beat reporter Reed Horner, and Charlie Maisano discuss what they thought were the biggest surprises of the offseason, what teams improved the most, and the teams that have the most to prove this coming season! 

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On this week's episode, Knicks beat reporter Christian Goewey, Nets beat reporter Tyler Freire, and Charlie Maisano discuss the end of the Knicks season and the Phil Jackson-Carmelo Anthony drama, the Nets outlook, and preview the first round of the playoffs.

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Star players resting? the Knicks tanking, and LeBron and LaVar dispute. 

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On this Edition of Pick and Pod, Tom Terzulli and Alvin Halimwidjaya discuss the New York Knicks playoff chances, as well as who is the biggest threat to the Cavs and Warriors in their respective conferences. The guys also discuss the MVP front runner and touch on Dirk Nowitzki scoring his 30,000th career point.

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WFUV alum and the founder of Pick and Pod, Kenny Ducey of Sports Illustrated, joins Knicks beat reporter Christian Goewey, Nets beat reporter Tyler Freire, and Brendan O'Connell to recap the NBA trade deadline.

They talk Knicks, Nets, Paul George, and more!

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On this Trade Deadline Preview edition of Pick and Pod, Nick Racioppi, David Spampinato, and Matt Breen discuss all the recent trades and rumblings around the NBA.

They give their take on the Pelicans acquisition of DeMarcus Cousins, the Nets trade of Bojan Bogdanovic, and discuss more rumors surrounding Brooklyn and the Knicks, especially in regards to Derrick Rose and Carmelo Anthony.

In addition, they address Magic Johnson and the Lakers, as well as potential Celtics trades.

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On our All-Star weekend edition, Knicks beat reporter Christian Goewey, Nets beat reporter Pat Costello, and Alvin Halimwidjaya discuss this weekend's activities and have some fun with their contest predictions.

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On this edition of Pick and Pod, Tyler Freire, Christian Goewey, and Pat Costello discuss the New York Knicks and the lingering trade talks surrounding star Carmelo Anthony. They also dive into league wide rumors, such as a potential Celtics acquisition of Jimmy Butler, and give their thoughts on last weekend's Warriors-Thunder matchup. 

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On this edition of Pick and Pod, Knicks beat reporter Christian Goewey, Pat Costello, and Reed Horner discuss the latest drama surrounding the Knicks and the recent Carmelo Anthony trade rumors. They also give their takes on LeBron James' unhappiness and the Bulls' dysfunction. 

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On this edition of Pick and Pod, Tyler Freire and Reed Horner discuss all things surrounding the Knicks and Nets, Christmas Day basketball, and some of the major stories up to this point in the 2016-17 season. 

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This NBA offseason continues to knock us off our seats, as Dwyane Wade's days with the Heat are over after agreeing to a deal with his hometown Chicago Bulls. Reed Horner, Alvin Halimwidjaya, and Manny Adeyeye broke it down on this edition of Pick and Pod.

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Category:general -- posted at: 5:10pm EDT's Kenny Ducey joins Christian Goewey, Reed Horner, and Manny Adeyeye on Pick and Pod to talk about Kevin Durant's decision and New York's free agency moves. 

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Free agency madness is here! Christian Goewey was joined by Reed Horner and Brenton Petty to discuss Noah's deal with the Knicks, Linsanity's return to NYC, the KD sweepstakes, and more!

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Yesterday on Pick and Pod, Christian Goewey was joined by Reed Horner and Matt Murphy, who attended Thursday's NBA Draft. They gave their opinions on the surprise picks and trades and dove into Brooklyn's aggressive activity as well as the Knicks' decision to stay put and not acquire a pick.

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Last night, Christian Goewey, Reed Horner, and Matt Murphy previewed tonight's NBA Draft. They got into the top 5 picks, as well as potential New York basketball additions, and overvalued/undervalued prospects. Hear it all on this edition of Pick and Pod. Stay tuned for Friday's Draft Recap.

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With Cavs fans parading the streets of Cleveland and the NBA Draft tomorrow night, the Knicks still stole the headlines as they acquired former MVP Derrick Rose from Chicago, along with Justin Holiday and a 2017 second round pick. New York sent Robin Lopez, Jerian Grant, and Jose Calderon to the Bulls. On this edition of Pick and Pod, Christian Goewey and Reed Horner reacted to the blockbuster deal.

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Mike Prada (@MikePradaSBN) of SB Nation joins the podcast to discuss Damian Lillard being left off the All-Star team, when the Hawks' next win may come, the MVP race, and more.

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Scott Cacciola (@ScottCacciola) of the New York Times sat down with me at the NBA's Las Vegas Summer League to check in on the Knicks mid-offseason, break down the re-signing of Carmelo Anthony, and project how the team will look come the regular season.

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Kenny Ducey, Matt Rosenfeld and Kevin Kelly are joined by Jason Concepcion (@netw3rk) of Grantland to discuss the craziness that has been Week 1 of the NBA Playoffs. We talk LaMarcus Aldridge, Kevin Durant, Warriors & more.

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Jason Concepcion (@Netw3rk) of Grantland joined us to discuss the saddening Knicks, and what the remainder of the year holds for some of the top teams in the East and West. We also take a look at how many more games the Sixers could realistically win this year, the Nets' return to .500, and make some picks for Wednesday night's games.

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Kenny Ducey, Matt Rosenfeld, and Kevin Kelly discuss the latest trade deadline rumors & the Knicks at the break with Jared Dubin (@JADubin5) of Bloomberg, Grantland, and Hardwood Paroxysm.

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Kenny Ducey, Matt Rosenfeld, and Kevin Kelly chat about the struggles of the Cavaliers, the firing of their GM & All-Star Weekend. Tommy Beer (@TommyBeer) of Basketball Insiders calls in to discuss the job security of Mike Woodson, whether he sees Carmelo Anthony being traded, and how he would add some excitment to All-Star Saturday.

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Kenny Ducey, Matt Rosenfeld, and Kevin Kelly discuss the recent release of the NBA's All-Star reserves, JR Smith/Tim Hardaway Jr, and Kevin Durant, and are joined by Dan Devine (@YourManDevine) from Ball Don't Lie for more.

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Tom Lorenzo (@TomLorenzo) of Nets Daily joined the first episode of the Pick and Pod to discuss the Nets' win over the Magic Tuesday, improved defense, and the coaching improvements of Jason Kidd. Plus, Kenny Ducey, Matt Rosenfeld, and Kevin Kelly discuss if Tim Hardaway Jr's defense is keeping him off the floor, and if Kevin Durant is MVP.

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