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Kenny Ducey chats with Tim Cato (@tim_cato) of SB Nation's Mavs Moneyball about Dallas' acquisition of Rajon Rondo, and the team's short-term and long-term future.

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Brett Pollakoff (@BrettEP) of joined the podcast to dissect the early results from the Nets and Knicks, plus project a realistic season for the injury-laden Thunder.

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Jared Dubin (@JADubin5), of Hardwood Paroxysm called in to our 2014 Season Preview to provide some insight into the prospects of the Knicks and Nets, plus Kenny Ducey, Matt Rosenfeld, and Kevin Kelly give a full slate of season predictions.

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Jason Concepcion (@netw3rk) of Grantland joined the podcast to discuss his experience at Summer League, realistic expectations for the Knicks, the favorite in the East, and more.

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Scott Cacciola (@ScottCacciola) of the New York Times sat down with me at the NBA's Las Vegas Summer League to check in on the Knicks mid-offseason, break down the re-signing of Carmelo Anthony, and project how the team will look come the regular season.

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Tim Bontemps (@TimBontemps) of the New York Post joined the podcast to discuss the ramifications of Jason Kidd's departure and Free Agency, including questions about the future of Paul Pierce - plus the decisions that lie with LeBron and Melo.

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Kenny Ducey and Kevin Kelly recap a long, but adventurous, NBA Draft in Brooklyn, and are joined by Moke Hamilton (@MokeHamilton) of Basketball Insiders and SNY's KnicksBlog to make more sense of the evening.

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Sean Highkin (@highkin), of Sports on Earth, and Jared Dubin (@JADubin5), of Bloomberg Sports and Hardwood Paroxysm, joined us to talk about the draft and free agency. We also discussed the Tyson Chandler trade and what the Knicks could do with the two second round picks they now have.

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Amin Elhassan (@AminESPN) of ESPN Insider joined the podcast from San Antonio to discuss the Spurs' quest for revenge against the Heat, potential matchups, and the future of both Tim Duncan and Miami's Big Three.

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Sean Highkin (@highkin), of Sports on Earth, joined us to talk about game 5 of the Pacers-Heat series and the Conference Finals in general. We also discussed Lance Stephenson's antics and whether Paul George is on his way to being a true superstar.

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Kenny Ducey chats with Chris Herring (@HerringWSJ) of the Wall Street Journal to discuss the upcoming Conference Finals and discuss the Knicks' coaching search, including the decision made by Steve Kerr to pass on the job.

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Kenny Ducey, Matt Rosenfeld, and Kevin Kelly react to the end of a wild NBA Playoffs Round 1, and the start of Round 2, then welcome in Chuck Daley (@ThunderObsessed) to talk Durant & Thunder-Clippers.

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Kenny Ducey, Matt Rosenfeld, and Kevin Kelly have Tom Lorenzo (@TomLorenzo) of Nets Daily on the Pick and Pod to discuss the Nets and Grizzlies. We also make our way through the rest of the first round matchups.

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Kenny Ducey and Matt Rosenfeld quickly react to Adam Silver's banishment of Clippers Owner Donald Sterling from the site of the NBA's press conference in Manhattan.

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Kenny Ducey, Matt Rosenfeld and Kevin Kelly are joined by Jason Concepcion (@netw3rk) of Grantland to discuss the craziness that has been Week 1 of the NBA Playoffs. We talk LaMarcus Aldridge, Kevin Durant, Warriors & more.

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Seth Rosenthal (@seth_rosenthal) of SB Nation's Posting and Toasting joined us to discuss what coaches Phil Jackson may turn to in light of the Mike Woodson firing, plus  we talk about the start of the NBA Playoffs and about a cool fish.

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Dan Devine (@YourManDevine) of Ball Don't Lie helped us wrap up the Knicks & Nets regular seasons, plus looked ahead to the potential fate of a few playoff teams and gave out some awards.

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Jared Dubin (@JADubin5) of Bloomberg Sports, Grantland, and Hardwood Paroxysm joined us today to talk about the issues in Indiana, the Knicks' playoff hopes, and whether the Nets can make a run. We also discussed UConn's win over Kentucky in the National Championship and made our picks for tonight's games.

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Steve Hirdt (@SteveHirdt), Executive Vice President of the Elias Sports Bureau & Fordham '72, joined us to talk about analytics & whether or not we're overwhelming ourselves with stats, and a crazy trend in the NBA. Plus, we preview Knicks-Nets tonight and talk about the decline of the Pacers.

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Spero Dedes, WFUV alumn, radio voice of the Knicks, and NCAA Basketball Broadcaster for CBS Sports joined us today to talk both about the Knicks and the Tournament. He first discusses what Phil Jackson's first moves may be, and the time it'll take to rebuild, and also talks about very strong Michigan St & Michigan teams.

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Kenny Ducey and Kevin Kelly talk to The Wall Street Journal's Chris Herring (@HerringWSJ) about Phil Jackson's impact on the Knicks' future, the team's relationship with media, James Dolan's image, and Michigan's chances in the NCAA Tournament. Around 33 minutes in, the guys give their picks for the tournament region-by-region.

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Ryan Ruocco (@RyanRuocco), voice of the Nets and the NBA on ESPN and WFUV alumn joins us to discuss the Nets 2014 resurgence and the implications of Phil Jackson coming to the Knicks. We also talk James Harden and do some Wednesday pick 'em.

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Jason Concepcion (@Netw3rk) of Grantland joined us to discuss the saddening Knicks, and what the remainder of the year holds for some of the top teams in the East and West. We also take a look at how many more games the Sixers could realistically win this year, the Nets' return to .500, and make some picks for Wednesday night's games.

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Kenny Ducey, Matt Rosenfeld, and Kevin Kelly discuss the Knicks' loss to the Heat, and Raymond Felton's off-the-court non-distracting distractions. Also, the Nets have some promise, Jimmer Fredette is available, and Friday night pick 'em.

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From mid-Thursday afternoon: Kenny Ducey and Kevin Kelly host a special edition of the Pick and Pod on from as the trade deadline approaches. 

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Kenny Ducey, Matt Rosenfeld, and Kevin Kelly discuss the latest trade deadline rumors & the Knicks at the break with Jared Dubin (@JADubin5) of Bloomberg, Grantland, and Hardwood Paroxysm.

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Kenny Ducey and Matt Rosenfeld talk with Seth Rosenthal (@seth_rosenthal) of SB Nation's Posting and Toasting about the Knicks at the trade deadline, JR Smith, and All-Star Weekend. We ask Seth to place a wager alog with ours on Ben McLemore doing a 720 dunk like he says he may.

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Kenny Ducey, Matt Rosenfeld, and Kevin Kelly chat about the struggles of the Cavaliers, the firing of their GM & All-Star Weekend. Tommy Beer (@TommyBeer) of Basketball Insiders calls in to discuss the job security of Mike Woodson, whether he sees Carmelo Anthony being traded, and how he would add some excitment to All-Star Saturday.

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Kenny Ducey, Matt Rosenfeld, and Kevin Kelly discuss the recent release of the NBA's All-Star reserves, JR Smith/Tim Hardaway Jr, and Kevin Durant, and are joined by Dan Devine (@YourManDevine) from Ball Don't Lie for more.

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Tom Lorenzo (@TomLorenzo) of Nets Daily joined the first episode of the Pick and Pod to discuss the Nets' win over the Magic Tuesday, improved defense, and the coaching improvements of Jason Kidd. Plus, Kenny Ducey, Matt Rosenfeld, and Kevin Kelly discuss if Tim Hardaway Jr's defense is keeping him off the floor, and if Kevin Durant is MVP.

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